The Case of Transhumanism: The Possibility of Application of Nietzsche’s Ethics and Critique of Morality Today

  • Miloš Agatonović Independent Researcher, PhD
Keywords: Nietzsche, Übermensch, will to power, enhancement, transhumanism, liberal eugenics


Transhumanism, the movement that promotes radical enhancement by non-traditional means based in scientific and technological advances, has contributed to contemporary interest in Nietzsche’s philosophy. In this paper, we are going to claim that transhumanists’ references to Nietzsche’s philosophy are unfounded. Moreover, we will make a few remarks about Nietzsche’s ethical doctrine in order to show that his conception of enhancement, contrary to transhumanist conceptions, relies on traditional means, such as upbringing and education. Although Nietzsche’s positive ethical doctrines cannot be used to justify transhumanist goals, his critique of morality can be used as a critique of the transhumanist conceptions of human enhancement.


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