Lyal S. Sunga (Noam Chomsky, Yugoslavia: Peace, War And Dissolution, Davor Džalto (ed.), PM Press, Oakland, 2018)

  • Lyal S. Sunga Visiting Professor, Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Lund
Keywords: Yugoslavia, war, breakup, Chomsky, genocide


In this essay, the author reviews and critically assesses the book Yugoslavia: Peace, War, and Dissolution, authored by Noam Chomsky and edited by Davor Džalto. The author also points to the importance and value of the book for the field of political theory, international relations and Yugoslav studies, examining at the same time particular concepts (such as “genocide”) within the broader context of legal theory and international law.


Noam Chomsky, Yugoslavia: Peace, War, and Dissolution, Davor Džalto (ed.). Oakland: PM Press, 2018.
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