The Writings of Existence in the Latest Work of Alberto Moreiras


  • Peter Baker University of Stirling, Division of Literature and Languages



infrapolitics, marranismo, style, deconstruction, inscription, autographic writing, performance


This article approaches the latest work of Alberto Moreiras on infrapolitics as self-conscious acts of writing which thinks its own conditions, or its own contingent textual inscription. In this sense, I propose that we can read this work as being informed by a question, even a preoccupation, over what form or style of writing is appropriate to announce or re-veal the existential dimensions proposed by the notion of infrapolitics. In exploring three such untimely textual inscriptions, the article approaches the stakes of what Moreiras thematises under the name of infrapolitics through how it informs the performativity of Moreiras’s own writing practice, exploring in the process the relationship that infrapolitics supposes to politics and to a certain critique of late capitalism, as well as other important concepts such as marranismo, the second turn of deconstruction, auto-graphic writing and demetaphorisation, among others. 


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